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Design is far more than how a space looks – design is how a space functions, feels, and interacts with you. A well-designed environment has the power to form an emotional connection with whoever enters it. At Gilbert, our team of award-winning designers conceives spaces that accomplish just that. Our goal is to understand your needs and work side-by-side with you so we can create something special that you’ll be proud to call your own.

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Online shopping has disrupted the retail industry and forced the brick-and-mortar to evolve beyond just a place to buy things. At Gilbert, we understand that today’s retail space should provide an experience. Customers shop online to buy – they go to stores to immerse themselves in their favorite brands. Successful retailers use their space to communicate who they are, what they’re about, and share their vision with their customers. We dedicate time to studying trends and place an emphasis on continued education and research. We get to know what your brand is all about and transmute your brand image into your retail environment. This is what’s made us experts in retail design.

Office Space
A well-designed office has tremendous power. To design an office space, one must consider its purpose. An office should promote productivity, foster employee comfort and well-being, contain areas for both isolated and collaborative work, and aesthetically represent your company’s culture. Employees are empowered in today’s business environment and feel a deep connection to the organization they’ve chosen to be a part of. Consequently, the modern office has become so much more than just a place to work. It’s where people work, but also where they socialize, collaborate, and have fun. When all of these elements are reflected, you get an office environment that employees look forward to working in.

Whether it’s a concert, corporate event, fashion show, or television broadcast, your event is your time to shine. To be successful, it is important for your event to make a serious impact. It must not only look amazing, but it must function amazingly as well. We understand how to design events that impress our clients and captivate their audience.


A restaurant’s atmosphere is just as important as the food it serves. When the two work together harmoniously, an exceptional dining experience is created. This type of atmosphere can only be attained through thoughtful design. We work closely with our clients to understand their brand, their food, and their culture, so we can create environments that diners can’t wait to return to.

Hotels & Resorts
Effective hospitality is designed for two parties: guests and those who serve them. A well-designed space caters to both. And with recreation, residences, business functions, event spaces, dining, nightlife, and more, hotels and resorts are a world unto themselves. To create an experience that is extraordinary, all of these elements must coexist seamlessly. At Gilbert, our mission is to leave all parties feeling happy, excited, and passionate about their experience.

Entertainment & Nightlife
Entertainment: it’s what makes life fun. When it comes to entertainment and nightlife, no design element can be overlooked. A venue has to captivate its audience and provide them with an experience that makes them want to come back and bring their friends. At Gilbert, we take the time to understand your vibe and design environments that translate your vision into physical space.

A person’s home is more than just a place to live, sleep, and eat – it’s a place where people feel most comfortable. Whether it’s traditional, contemporary, or something totally unique, a home should be a reflection of their personal tastes and interests. Our long history of residential design has been built on the foundation of knowing the importance of making a house feel like home.

Exhibition & Trade Show
Gilbert has proven time and time again to be the leaders in exhibition and trade show design. Through the years we’ve created exhibits and environments while continuously evolving with new technology and market trends. We pride ourselves on understanding your brand, your industry, and your needs to create a space for you that truly amazes year after year.

Furniture Design
What makes great furniture? Comfort and a timeless aesthetic. There’s a reason why the furniture of Eames, Van Der Rohe, and Knoll are still in such high demand today: they considered all of these factors. At Gilbert, we like to think we do the same. Every piece we design is created with both form and function in mind.

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Roberto Coin Miami
For his ninth US boutique, Roberto Coin chose Miami’s up-and-coming Design District. Gilbert was tasked with the goal of merging Roberto Coin’s signature aesthetic with the bright liveliness of Miami. The question was, how do we stay true to the Roberto Coin brand while celebrating Miami’s cosmopolitan culture? Originally two floors, the store was converted to a one-floor environment with high ceilings to create a light, airy atmosphere. A champagne-colored archway and dazzling chandelier draw elements from Roberto Coin’s jewelry to infuse an elegant feel while a metallic wall mural takes inspiration from Miami’s vibrant energy to add a hint of fun and liveliness. To pay homage to Roberto Coin’s roots, the back of the store features Roberto Coin’s signature dark brown style. For the storefront, we emulated Roberto Coin’s signature Pois Mois collection to resemble one of his most iconic pieces that passers-by can’t ignore. The whole store came together as a shining example of the Design District’s new high-end culture and a major success for Roberto Coin.

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