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Command everyone within eyeshot

Gilbert Graphics—our personality group. If you’re looking to spice up your exhibit, environment, or event, our graphics specialists will ensure you capture the attention of everyone in sight. With nearly limitless capabilities, they can light up any space or add a classy finishing touch. Available as part of any exhibit, environment, or event package, or as standalone treatments to add power to any space or scene.

Gilbert Displays: Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing

If you’ve got a message to send, make sure it’s heard. And why stop there? Make sure it’s beautiful too. With a focus on quality and limitless ability, we offer visuals that are larger than life.

Gilbert Displays: Vinyl Cut Logos, Lettering, and Graphics

Vinyl Cut Logos, Lettering, and Graphics

Vinyl: versatile, manageable, forgiving. Easy to customize, easy to transport, easy to apply to any object, vinyl can be used to print inexpensive yet breathtakingly colorful logos, full-sized images, glass effects, letters, and pretty much any other 2-Dimensional design you can think of. Large or small, there’s very little we can’t do with vinyl—and the best part is, it’s affordable on any budget.

Gilbert Displays: 3D Logos and Lettering

3D Logos and Lettering

Nothing grabs attention like a statement that’s bold in more ways than one, and nothing shows quality and intricacy like a perfectly cut 3-dimensional logo greeting your visitors or topping off a finely crafted showcase. Whatever your goals, nearly any material under the sun can be combined or used alone to take your environment, exhibit, or display from classy to world-class.

Gilbert Displays: Portable Graphic Displays

Portable Graphic Displays

Focused on visual representations of your brand, products, or lifestyles? Looking to catch attention or create awareness? Pioneering a shock campaign? A graphic display will get your target audience to catch on from all angles. Our background is in exhibiting, so you won’t find a more qualified partner to prepare your brand for any event or scenario with a more vibrant and eye-catching result.

Gilbert Displays: Fabric Graphics

Fabric Graphics

Need a 3D sign? How about a graphic wall—or an organic floating superstructure? Regardless of what you need or how you need it to appear, fabric can conform to any look and provide any feel—in whatever color or pattern you want. Want some product images printed on that sign? How about floor to ceiling logos on your fabric walls? Should that structure be backlit? No problem. This is what we do; and we do it to make your critics say, “wow.”

Gilbert Displays: Backlit Graphics and Signs

Backlit Graphics and Signs

With nearly limitless options, sizes, and all the colors in the world, why not ensure your graphics do more than just decorate a wall or panel? Backlit graphics—through Gilbert innovation as thin as 1 inch—can make any graphic shine and stand out. Bright enough to make any space pop, subtle enough to keep your look consistent, there’s no brighter way to show off your products, lifestyles, or brands than with a custom backlit graphic by Gilbert Displays.

Gilbert Displays: Hanging Signs

Hanging Signs

You’ve already committed significant funds to building your exhibit and attending the show. Protect your investment by making sure you capture the attention of every attendee there! Instead of hoping visitors drop by, rake them in by making yourself visible from every corner of the convention center. With Gilbert design and production quality, you’ll be displaying a world-class, attention-getting representation of your brand from a point where nobody will be able to miss it.


Where our graphics solutions fit into your plans:

  • Trade show exhibits
  • Retail and corporate showrooms
  • Event visuals and signs
  • Museum exhibits and infographics
  • Banners & pop-ups
  • Directories
  • Billboards and large format advertisements
  • Bus stop shelters and telephone booths
  • Bus, truck & car wraps
  • Any windows or walls